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Solidago odora – Sweet Goldenrod


Goldenrod for native plant gardens. Appropriate for borders, cottage gardens and butterfly gardens. Solidago odora, commonly called sweet goldenrod, is easily identified by its anise-scented leaves. Goldenrods have been wrongfully accused of causing hay fever which is actually an allergic reaction to wind-borne pollen from other plants such as ragweed which flower at the same time and may be growing close together. 

Grows 2-4’ tall. This species is primarily clump-forming and does not spread aggressively as some other goldenrod species & hybrids. 

Branched, plume-like clusters of yellow, daisy-like flowers bloom in August-September.

Medicinal uses: Leaves may be used in teas. Foliage of this plant has been used in herbal medicines for treatment of a variety of problems including wounds, ulcers, urinary disorders, flatulence and as a stimulant. Consult an herbalist before injesting.
  • Blooms in late summer to fall
  • Prefers full sun to part-shade.
  • Beneficial for pollinators- attracts butterflies and hummingbirds 
  • Deer Resistant
  • Perennial in zones 5-8
  • Native

3.5" pot